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Anti-dust mite allergen treatment

If carpets and furniture are not professionally cleaned regularly, they are likely to become collectors and transmitters of allergens. Dirty carpets and furniture can hide dust, heavy metals and pesticides brought into the home from the soles of shoes and pets, and breed dust mites, causing allergies and asthma.

 Some of the most common triggers of asthma are allergies, especially to dust mites (microscopic arachnids found in dusty places). About 3 million people in Hong Kong suffer from asthma, including about 1.1 million children. A large part of this suffering can be attributed to dust mites.

  •  The average size of a dust mite is 0.3 mm, invisible to the naked eye. A single fingernail can contain more than 70,000 of them.
  •  It is the dust mite excrement, not the dust mite itself, that triggers asthma and allergic attacks. Research suggests that the trigger is a microscopic protein found in dust called Der p 1.

 Cleaning your home with Chemdry will not only significantly reduce Der p1 levels, but it will also improve your home's indoor air quality:

  •  Carbonation system cleaning directly reduces the allergen, the microscopic protein Derp1 excreted by mites, to almost undetectable levels
  •  Anti-dust mite allergen treatment, the allergen will undergo physical changes, thus permanently harmless to allergy sufferers
  •  Suitable for all household items including carpets, mattresses, bedding
  •  Takes effect immediately, no need to wait for ventilation
  •  Natural plant extract ingredients, harmless and healthier
Anti-dust mite allergen treatment

Dust mite infestation may cause disease

Anti-dust mite allergen treatment

Reduce allergens directly after cleaning

Anti-dust mite allergen treatment

Protect the health of you, your family and your pets

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