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Mattress Cleaning

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Free Disinfection service


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Carpet cleaning & maintenance

Sofa Cleaning

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Sofa Cleaning

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About Us

Robert Harris

Professional Hong Kong Team

An experienced technician with professional training/certification who has served Hong Kong for over 25 years. His clients include Grade A office buildings in Central, Hong Kong, listed company offices, large chain coffee brand restaurants, private clubs in Southern District of Hong Kong Island, high-end Chinese restaurants, and many private residential customers.

Chemdry's professionals are well trained to care for all types of carpet, from common area rugs to expensive, fine Persian rugs. Our carpet care services are experienced in using specialized tools and equipment designed for the type of carpet, whether it is synthetic, wool, cotton, silk or other types.

Robert Harris

Chemdry, the top cleaning brand from the United States

  • Over 40 years of experience in carpet and furniture cleaning and maintenance

  • Over 1 billion square feet of carpet cleaned and over 360,000 stains removed each year

  • Owns 16 patent inventions

  • Exclusive patent - hot carbon dioxide bubble deep cleaning system

  • The cleaning brand recommended by top carpet and furniture manufacturers

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